Build A Talent Magnet


Build A Talent Magnet | Switch and Shift.

Wow…talk about hitting the nail on the head….too often companies believe that everything that employees want, especially new employees, is more money…..! WRONG !! People want to be engaged, enthused about coming to work, they want to work in an environment where they are valued. They want to come to work and feel like the company they work for really cares that they are there. They want to work some place where their contributions are sought and they have an opportunity to make an impact. People want the chance to be themselves and work in an environment that fosters both their individuality and creativity…..and all of that can be created without having to do a ton of “capital” spending… is social capital that needs to be spent, cultural capital is where the focus needs to be….the companies that do this are infinitely more successful than the ones that don’t…..the proof is out there….



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