Big Idea 2014: The One Crucial Leadershi

Big Idea 2014: The One Crucial Leadership Skill is Agility | LinkedIn

Wow! He hit the nail on the head. In this day and age, if you are not constantly looking to learn and improve you will be left behind. Technology is the great equalizer in some instances,and in others it is the gas pedal with the ability to leave those who are not ready or willing to keep up in the dust.

Do yourself a favor and do what Mr. Citrin says in this article. Take 2014 and make it the year that you become a “Learning Animal”. I would almost guarantee that you will look back and determine that 2014 was the year that things really changed for you. I would also submit that once you commit to being a Learning Animal you won’t approach life any other way in the future.

Happy Learning.


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