Cost of Delay: Not Shipping on Time, Part 1 | Managing Product Development

Cost of Delay: Not Shipping on Time, Part 1 | Managing Product Development.

This is a point that I try and bring up with clients of mine, letting them know that it is more expensive if they let the position remain unfilled than paying my fee and getting it filled.

It seems like HR groups fail to look beyond the fee.  They fail to realise that there is a Cost of Delay, and a lost opportunity cost that grows with each day a role remains open.  If those costs were calculated it would be obvious that a 20-25% fee is much, much cheaper than what the company is effectively paying/losing by not having someone in that spot.

There have been studies done that calculate the lost opportunity/cost of delay numbers somewhere in the 10-20K per week.  Those numbers can add up quickly as weeks go by and the role is not any closer to being filled.

HR & Internal recruiting teams need to stop looking at guys like me as a threat.  I am not after your job.  I don’t want to fill every open position that you have.  I want to help you fill the “mission critical” positions. I can make you look good to the powers that be, and help you save the company quite a bit of money.

Let’s find a way to work together.  It is and always will be a win/win/win for all involved.


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