Social is the way to sell.

Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

I know that this is probably not a new concept to many of you, but as the tools and technologies continue to improve it appears that social selling is going to become more and more of the rule vs. the exception.

The days of the sales person cold calling and pushing a product or service are long gone.  The sales people who are successful are the ones who are engaging the clients where they want to be engaged and providing the necessary information and/or solutions to back up what the client has already determined as the direction they are heading.

There are crazy stats ( I don’t have them in front of me) that state that clients/customers are already anywhere from 40-70% through the buying cycle before they even think of engaging a sales person.

If that is the case we as sales people need to make sure that we are doing things differently…if not we are going to go down in flames and its not going to be pretty.




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