Bet On People: You Can’t High-Five A Spreadsheet | LinkedIn


Bet On People: You Can’t High-Five A Spreadsheet | LinkedIn.

I will never forget a conversation I had with a guy named Hawk McIntosh years ago.  We were talking about the disturbing trend that was happening in business where companies were simply implementing new technology and software under the guise that it would do what a person would normally do and thus eliminate the need for so many people.

It was the “just push a button” and the results will be there group think that took over for awhile and low and behold never really worked….

Hawk told me that he was just going to bide his time, that at some point it was going to come full circle and companies would realise that people not technology power the engine.  He joked with me and said that he was thinking about retiring and just waiting and when the same people who dismissed his advice and expertise came back to him he would “consult” for them and charge them 5x the amount he would have before to give them the same advice.

The title of this post says it all.  Always Bet On People !!  Companies laugh when they are told that they should hire the absolute best people and do what it takes to keep them.  Executives assume that people are interchangeable and so they don’t appreciate what the people bring to the table.  When the person leaves and they do realise the contributions they kick themselves but its too late.  Selfishly I wish I could tell them I told you so, but no one wants to hear that.  Instead I just keep beating my drum and climbing on my soap box shouting to the masses that “You should Always Bet On People!  I am the guy to help you find the absolute best and brightest !  I promise you will thank me later, probably begrudgingly, but you will thank me !  ”




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