Why Marketing to Talent is a Must

Today we are excited to share that LinkedIn has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Microsoft. We are joining forces with Microsoft to realize a common mission to empower people and organizations.

Source: Why Marketing to Talent is a Must

I submit that the recruiting function inside a company should be removed from HR to a certain extent and report into the marketing department.

Recruiters should be equipped with the tools and campaigns necessary to attract, recruit, and hire the BEST possible people.

Who wrote the rule that says that recruiting HAS to be an HR function?

HR will certainly be involved in the hiring process, but there is no reason why the recruiting function should not be a product of the most forward thinking and creative people inside a company.

Marketing experts are tasked with getting people to take both notice and action on something. Recruiters are tasked with the same things!

Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!!



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